About us

The Coop. Soc. Il Nuovo Fantarca onlus arl was founded in Bari in 1999.  Its aims centre around promoting human rights and social welfare, developing a nonviolent culture, and promoting a culture of legality, social justice, collective memory and personal development.

These activities are implemented mainly through the experimental use of arts therapies such as videocinematography by setting up International Festivals of Cinema connected with major European Festivals of Cinema for Children and Young People, through careful teaching of cinema and audiovisual techniques in schools, local social gathering centres, parishes, juvenile justice centres and juvenile penal institutions. Il Nuovo Fantarca has a busy calendar of courses, seminars and video production workshops directed particularly at younger people. Many medium/short films, documentaries and cartoons made by Coop. Soc. Il Nuovo Fantarca have been shown at international cinema and audiovisual festivals. Il Nuovo Fantarca is a member of ECFA – the European Children’s Film Association – and MED – the Italian Association of Media Education.

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Centro di documentazione per la legalità e la nonviolenza ANTONINO CAPONNETTO - Bari

Cooperativa Sociale Il Nuovo Fantarca a.r.l.

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